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A product for each and every person:

We suggest You placing our product LP-250A not only in public toilet rooms, but also on a shelf in Your workplace in order to ensure that anybody, independently from anything, could use the product for one's personal care, comfort and health.

You can also find our products in the following stores:

- “Realizācijas centrs”: Krišjana Barona street 46, Riga (“Barona centrs”, 2nd floor);
Slokas street 161, Riga (1st floor, view on Kurzemes boulevard).
- LP-250A,- ordering more than 12 packages, price is 3,0 euro/package, without the delivery!
- MP-10A,- ordering more than 20 packages, price is 0,3 euro/package, without the delivery!
Questions and requests with regard to wholesale please write to info@tuasani.lv